Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino Watch Hands-On

The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino, also known as Jacob & Co. Astronomia Gambler, is another unique creation from Jacob & Co., conceived, designed and produced to be another step toward their goal of ruling over the segment of preposterously over-engineered, fun, ultra-high-end watches — because such a thing does exist and has, in fact, existed for years.

Screw Down Crown: Changed the Blog Name

I recently had a chat with a good friend of mine, Hassan; we talked about the refreshed blog, and my plans for it... he was pretty supportive and loved the idea. He also suggested that the name "WatchProductivity" was quite literal, but not particularly memorable or catchy. I didn't think it mattered but he urged … Continue reading Screw Down Crown: Changed the Blog Name

Why This Boring Watch Will Help With My Productivity & Writing

I came across this article, and thought I would weigh in... because that is what bloggers do. Wow, a blogger... excuse me while I change into some sweatpants. I actually agree with the idea that using a watch to reduce the 'number of phone pickups a day' is excellent for productivity - I disagree that … Continue reading Why This Boring Watch Will Help With My Productivity & Writing

First Post on the ‘NEW’ Blog

I started a blog back in 2011 – that happened because I was in the process of starting a company, and all the content about productivity was actually quite relevant to the company’s purpose. The company has since been sold, and the blog has been dormant since 2012… My passion for productivity however, is not dormant … Continue reading First Post on the ‘NEW’ Blog