Quote of the day…

I thought this was such a simple quote, but so meaningful... One can apply its relevance in a myriad of situations, and really hit the spot for me today. I hope you appreciate it too!

How To Stop Being Angry

Instead of being angry bout something and going on with your day while being angry, why not lose the anger? No, it’s not terribly easy, but it’s also not monumentally hard. Below, ten ways to quickly dump 95% of anger on any topic right out of your head.

Should Your Employees Take Naps?

Small businesses increasingly encourage daytime rest to boost productivity and fight fatigue. Sleep experts are applauding. Years ago, Craig Yarde, founder of Yarde Metals in Bristol, CT, noticed his employees—who work in three manufacturing shifts, 24-hours a day—napping on the job. So when he built a new office space in 1995, he threw in a … Continue reading Should Your Employees Take Naps?