About ScrewDownCrown

I started a blog back in 2011 – that happened because I was in the process of starting a company, and all the content you will see in the archives here, about productivity, was actually relevant to the company’s intended purpose. The company has since been sold, and the blog has been dormant since 2012.

Although many people say this, I truly mean it: I have been into watches since I was a child! To be precise, it began around the time I started primary school. At that time, it was just an obsession with the watch as a ‘gadget’ more than a device to tell time – it then coincided with the rise of the Casio calculator watches, fuelling my desire for even cooler gadgets. I then moved on to the Casio Data Bank, and the Casio TV remote control watch. I think I then discovered Timex and their ‘indiglo’ backlight – loved that, and my love for lume continues to this day. To bridge the gap between the quartz and mechanical watch transition, I have an old story about my father and his Patek Philippe, but I will save that for a full post someday.

Having lived in Africa until 2010 – I didn’t ever consider the wider watch community on the internet, and I just sort of ‘collected’ on my own… the concept of a Redbar-style watch meet-up in a place like Johannesburg is nothing short of retarded… because that is tantamount to asking for trouble aka. armed robbery!

In 2018,  Adrian from Bark & Jack posted a YouTube video and it fortuitously came up in my feed… I clicked on it – since I loved watches anyway… and have since become slightly obsessed with the online watch family – the #watchfam as it is referred to on Instagram.

I then started posting wrist shots and photos of watches on Instagram – quite randomly I might add – and friends and family seemed to be confused… “What’s with all the watch pictures?” … “Are you selling watches now?”… “Are you a watch blogger”?

That brings us to this blog – I toyed with the idea of posting videos of watches and/or reviewing watches… I even tried making a video once – it was horrible! I also don’t have big plans to grow an audience watching YouTube content, as I prefer to write out my thoughts and have detailed conversations – YouTube content, for me, doesn’t scratch that itch.

Coming back to the concept of productivity, if you look through my blog archives you will see that there is some decent content, if I may say so myself! I share a lot of random content via email with friends, family and colleagues – I figured I would share it on my blog instead, and have a nice archive of my shared content in one place for my offspring to read someday.

Hence, this blog is largely about watches and productivity… two topics which I enjoy very much. I also tend to try and connect broader social concepts and psychology theory to the hobby, trying to make sense of it all – I am no expert, and this is all just my opinion.

I hope you enjoy it.

All my best,

PS. You can follow my watch journey on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/kingflum/ 

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries… or simply want to have a chat, feel free to contact me at any time – Instagram DM is best, but email is below too.

blog [at] screwdowncrown [dot] com

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  2. Rune says:

    Just discovered your blog – super cool, F!


    1. FK says:

      Cheers bro 🙂


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